Muffin Man

by Nessa Rica

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Muffin Man (Original) - Nessa Rica Ramos ©2009

Verse 1:
Oh, deary me
I missed your call again
Can't wait to hear your voice on the other line
I can't hear you, can you say that one more time

Those sweet small words containing 8 little letters
Come on say it, "I love you", now that's better
It is pleasing to my ear, cause it is what i love to hear
And i can't go on without knowing

Pre chorus:
Where are you now?
Where can i meet you?
For some coffee, maybe food?
Can it be sooner than soon,
Cause im a little hungry

I've been craving to know you better than i've
Ever have before
Did you always taste so sweet? i mean,
Do you mind turning the heat down low
Is where we do our thing, a little more than a fling
Some kind of romance we're entangled in
I think i'm stuck in a sticky situation
How bout you, be my muffin man?

Verse 2:
Oh, golly wow!
I just got your text
I'll reply within the next minute or so,
Or maybe seconds more
Just so the excitement grows

Do you know the muffin man? Not the one on Dury Lane
But i guess to you they're all the same
I'm about the guy who is soft on the inside
Who likes to keep warm and so good you want more.


released June 8, 2011
Nessa Rica - Writer/Vocals
Nero Ramos - Guitar
Niko Ramos - Bass
JB Landrito - Cajon
Nathan Steele - Freelance Audio Engineer



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Nessa Rica Los Angeles

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